The Data Driven Podcast had a killer conversation with Tanja Magas, the Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Democrance.  Democrance enables insurers to access new market segments, particularly in emerging and mobile-first markets. With its technology, insurers can create and enhance digital sales mechanisms, while increasing operational efficiency and profitability.
Some of the topics that Tanja and I discussed:
  • Born in Bosnia, Sarajevo and immigrated to Austria and Germany as part of a refugee program
  • Living, going to school and working in New York City
  • Working at Lehman Brothers just before the collapse
  • The importance of Data Availability and Quality
  • The joy of building things from scratch
  • Innovative, Differentiated Non-traditional Data Sets
  • Regulation and Data Privacy
  • Democrance’s approach to and philosophy on data science
  • Five layers of complexity
  • The importance of building a single source of data that is accurate and real-time
  • A simple, but very powerful, dashboard structure
  • Going to fun as opposed to going to work