The Data Driven Podcast was joined by Tristan Rouillard, a co-Founder of supports vision AI practitioners and their evolving needs by developing best-in-class vision AI tools that are supported by a community of machine learning engineers, data scientists, and software developers.
Some of the topics that Tristan and I discussed:
  • The genesis of the idea for Hasty came from the founders’ own experiences
  • Manual image labeling and just how time-consuming that is
  • The idea was NOT to change the technology but to change the process
  • The necessity to bring the neural networks into the process earlier on
  • The importance of having a clean data set
  • With Hasty, one is not looking for mistakes in the dataset, but fixing the ones the neural network has found
  • There is no substitute for a ground-truth data set
  • When you are building a product, you are looking for ‘love’ and ‘wow’
  • Hasty is changing a process and that is the hardest thing to change
  • Bringing agile methodology to machine learning
  • How sometimes the biggest competition is the status quo
  • Taking domain-specific assets and leveraging them in a good way
  • Data ownership and one of Hasty’s USPs
  • It is likely that the training data is the differentiator, not the neural network
  • The nuance and complexity of image recognition is yet to be understood
  • The need for data documentation
  • Hasty is teaching machines how to identify and see the world the same way we do
  • Everybody that joins Hasty has to label a data asset

The quote from Alan Nichol, a co-Founder and the CTO of Rasa, came from this LinkedIn post.

(A shout-out to the incredible Head of Operations at, Lisa Wantig, for helping to make this possible.)