The Data Driven Podcast was joined by Arthur Wandzel, a co-Founder and the Head of AI at Jamm.  Arthur grew up in Detroit in a house where both of his parents were psychologists.  In his words, his parents combined both an emotional and logical outlook.  The combination of the robotics (logic) and the human psychology side of his upbringing really inspired his direction.
Some of the topics we covered included:
  • Jamm is fundamentally an IoT dashboard camera that gives you behavioral insights into how you drive that you are able to leverage for car insurance savings
  • Through the understanding of data and the resulting behavioral changes, Jamm may be able to save you money
  • How humans use the sum-total of their experiences to understand the world
  • Standardization is hard to create unless you have some kind of ’Truth’
  • The three pillars Jamm measures are alertness (attention patterns on the road), style (telematic information), and composure
  • Smart cities that adjust to you based on data
  • IoT as the next wave of computers
The restaurant whose name I could not remember (Although I was kind of close…) is El Bulli.